Analogy English for competitive and Banks exams,Verbal ability

Analogy English : analogy means the difference in between two similar varieties like persons ,things. Now a day in any competitive exams analogy topic is different and easy to score good marks.there are so many types are in analogy section.Aspirants with my experience I have to discuss some types in analogy section.

Analogy English types:

1.person and Tool.
2.Thing and place
3.Action and purpose.
4.Person and Workplace

1.Person and Tool: In this type of questions one word in the pair represents an artisan,scientist or professional. Another word represents the tool or the instrument used by him in his profession.

Example :1. Carpenter:Saw::writer:pen
Explanation : A carpenter uses the saw in the course of his work . A writer uses a pen in the course of his work.
Example : 2.Physician:Stethoscope: Astronomer:telescope
Explanation : In general physician uses the stethoscope in his action of work. An astronomer uses a telescope to see a galaxy in his action of professional work.

2.Thing and Place : This type of questions consists,one word in each pair represents a thing and the other represents the place where it is normally found.

Example : Gallery:paintings::Showroom : cars

Paintings are exhibited in a gallery,Cars re-exhibited in the showroom .In this way, the thing is represented by place .

3.Action and Purpose : One word in each pair mentions an action ,and the other mentions the purpose of that action.

Example : Piston:cylinder::Razor:blue
Explanation : A piston and cylinder go together, a Razor and a blade go together.
Example 2: lock:key::Pen:nib
Explanation : a lock and key together ,a pen and nib go together.

4.Person and Workplace: In this type ,one word mentions an artisan or a scientist or a professional or a worker or an official,and the another word represents the place where he usually carries on his vacation.

Example : Waiter:restaurant::teller:bank
Explanation : A waiter works in a restaurant;a teller works in a bank.

Example 2 : Teacher:school::Judge:court

Explanation: a teacher works in a school;a judge works in a court.