Data Interpretation Pie Chart Questions Answers 2016

Data Interpretation Pie Chart Questions Answers 2016

Quantitative Aptitude Questions Data Interpretation Pie Chart: Data Interpretation is an important section and to get more score in all the competitive exams. It is a separate section in SBI PO and SBI Associate PO exams and in IBPS 10-15 Questions compulsory. There is no proper guide and material available in the market to prepare for this Data Interpretation section.Most of the books are provided but these are may be outdated. So I decided to provide study material to all readers via this page (website).I will keep on sharing more and more updated questions and answers and practice questions in coming weeks.Stay tuned for more updates.

Data Interpretation Pie Chart-I

Read the Following Pie Chart carefully and answer the questions given below.

Distribution of total voters from six different cities and the distribution of female voters among these cities?

Total Number of Voters=64000

The ratio of males and females=5:3 

Percentage Distribution of female voters (Pie chart 2)

 Data Interpretation Pie Chart-I
Data Interpretation Pie Chart-I

1).The number of male voters in a city F is approximate what percent of the total number of voters in the same city?

  1. 48
  2. 44
  3. 53
  4. 57
  5. 40

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Required Percentage=(5520/11520 )*100=48% appor


2).What is the average number of female voters in a city A,B and E together ?

  1. 4200
  2. 2300
  3. 3200
  4. 2400
  5. None of these

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Average Number=9600/3



3).The Number of male voters is city C is what percent of the number of male voters in city D ? (approx)

  1. 25
  2. 48
  3. 30
  4. 34
  5. 18

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Required Percentage=(1680/9120 )*100=18% appor


4)The Number of female voters in city D Is what percent of the female voters in city A ? (approx)

  1. 20
  2. 25
  3. 28
  4. 33
  5. 37

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Required Percentage=(2400/9440 )*100=25% appor


5)In which two  cities Two ratios between the female voters is 7:8 ?

  1. B and C
  2. A and B
  3. A and C
  4. C and D
  5. None of these

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