Problems on ages for bank exams ,formulas and shortcuts

Problems based on ages are generally asked in the most competitive examinations.Problems on ages We have a large amount of database of problems on “Problems on ages ” answered with an explanation. These will very helpful for Candidates or students who are preparing for all types of competitive examinations and Placement Examinations.

Problems on Ages ,there may be asking three types:

  1. Age some years ago
  2. Present age
  3. Age some years hence

Two of these situations are given and it is required to find the third.The relation between the age of two persons is given.

Problems on ages formulas:

1.If the age of X ,t years ago was n1 times the age of and present X’s age is n2 times that of Y ,Then

  • X’s Present age =[(n1-1)/(n1-n2)]n2 t    Years
  • Y’s Present age =[(n1-1)/(n1-n2)] t    Years

2.The Present age of X, is n1 times the present age of Y .If t years hence ,the age of X would be n2 times that of Y ,Then

  • X’s Present age =[(n2-1)/(n1-n2)]n2 t    Years
  • Y’s Present age =[(n2-1)/(n1-n2)] t    Years.


3.If the current age is a, then n times the age is na.

4.The current age is a, then age n years later/hence = a + n.

5.If the current age is a, then age n years ago = an

6.The ages in a ratio a : b will be ax and bx.

7.If the current age is a  then 1/n of the age is a/n

Problems on ages for bank exams 

1.The ratio of a Present age of A&B is 2:3.The present age of A is 20Years.Find the Age of B after 5 Years?
A)30 years
B)35 years
C)40 years
D)45 years


2.The present ratio of age of A & B is 3:5.If the sum of present age of  A & B is 48 years.Find the  ages of A & B before 5 years?
A)13,25 years
B)14,24 years
C)13,26 years
D)13,27 years


3.The ratio of ages of A&B before 5 years was 2:3.If the sum of ages of A&B at present is 45 years.Find the present ages of A&B?
A)14,26 years
B)14,21 years
C)19,26 years
D)19,21 years


4.Rani’s age after 15 years will be 5 times of her age 5 years back.What is the present age of Rani?
A)10 Years
B)15 Years
C)18 Years
D)20 Years


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